5 Steps to Being Beautiful from the Inside Out

by Cassiani Friz

1.  Eat juicy, crisp vegetables-Cucumber, romaine lettuce, radishes, jicama, onions

These amazing and refreshing veggies are loaded with the most pure, mineral and vitamin dense clean water, which hydrates your entire body.  They are also rich in silica and sulfur (especially onions and garlic).  The combination of rich in minerals and rich in hydrogen/water means that these food specifically target beautifying your skin and body.  Think of the classic cucumber over the eyes treatment- the soothing juices smooth wrinkles, remove under-eye bags, and rehydrate tired eyes making them shiny and bright.  This is true also when you consume them internally.  The silica and sulfur also work to firm and tone the skin by meshing the water into the collagen network, giving you fresh, plump, moist skin, the opposite of wrinkly, dry skin.  Eating these for a snack with hummus, yogurt, or just plain, heals your body.  This is the opposite of most snack foods.  Instead of pretzels (dry, brittle, salty), chips (oily, dry, salty), cookies (sugary, dry, salty), if you eat cucumbers, radishes, and jicama, you’re putting refreshing, cleansing, nourishing minerals and fluids in your body.

2.  Eat quality saturated fats-organic butter, coconut oil (cold pressed), egg yolks and cold-pressed olive oil

Processed saturated fats are not good.  But no processed oils (corn, canola, soy, ‘pure’ olive oil) are good for the skin and body.  Saturated fats are used by the body to build cell walls.  In this way, the firmness, the ‘saturatedness’ makes them ideal structure holders.  Wrinkles are linked to consuming soft, processed vegetable oil, which the cells then use to build their cell wall structures.  But the firmness is lost.  To maintain clear, smooth skin, eating quality saturated fats and cholesterol (also key for brain cells, eye health, and joints) gives your body the tools to repair and maintain firm, rich skin.  The fats create the structure that is also supported by the juicy crisp vegetables.  The combination rebuilds the collagen layer under your epidermis, actually reversing some damages over time.  Fats in snack foods are always rancid, processed fats, and will lead to patches of dry, oily, acne prone skin with fine wrinkles.

3.  Laugh often and out loud-giggle, smile and belly laugh daily

“Laughter is the best medicine.”  Laughing is healing, it release endorphins, dopamine, reduces histamine/inflammation, and increases seratonin levels.  All that said, if you’re not happy, laughing can actually make you happy.  And healing, beauty and joy all start on the inside.  So don’t frown, scowl, or cry often, these things actually make you less beautiful.  People enjoy being around people who laugh, and people who laugh enjoy themselves.

4.  Chew your food-chew every mouthful at least 25 times

Digestion starts in the mouth.  Many food problems are related to undigested foods setting off allergic reactions in the body.  Chewing well minimizes the allergenic properties of many foods by mixing your saliva, rich in enzymes, with the proteins and fats, making them easier to digest.  Chewing minimizes gas, stomach upset, overeating, and constipation because the food is liquid when it gets to your stomach, which allows it to digest effectively and easily.  Your body gets more nourishment from the same foods as the nutrients are already broken down and effectively used.  It also allows you to be thoughtful during meals, thankful for the food, for your family, for your body and for every good thing God has given you.  This is hard to learn, but once you master it, it is something that will keep you healthy throughout your life.

5.  Sleep well and avoid stimulants-coffee, tea, sugar, msg, white flour

Rest is vital to maintaining beauty.  If you don’t sleep well, your eyes become dull, your skin rough and blotchy, and your digestion slow and ineffective.  Sleep is when your body cleans and resets itself.  Sleeping at least 6 hours a night, but ideally 8, is a natural beauty builder.  To sleep well, you should not eat foods that interfere with sleep.  Foods like candy, sugary cereal, cakes and cookies should be minimized or avoided entirely.  No one needs them, but they cause the body to crave more and more, and also affect your body’s ability to rest and recharge.  Sugar also causes your face and skin to retain water, leading you to look tired and sad.  Trying to consume sugar or stimulants to feel more energetic also leads to depleting the body of water, minerals, and health.  Get your beauty rest, ladies, it’s free, simple, and will also help you stay young longer.

Cassi Friz

Certified Holistic Health Counselor



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