Prosperity and faith

So about a week ago, I had been asking myself some hard questions.  What was holding me back?  What lies was I believing?  I prayed for lies to be revealed and truth to be uncovered.  Somehow I knew there was still an issue that I needed to address between my faith and prosperity.  Logically it didn’t make sense but I believed I was in need of some new thinking on the subject of prosperity.

Well, during that week, I attended a meeting where the speaker mentioned this very issue.  She wasn’t sure if it was something she was taught or just caught.  Sometimes our roles models teach us without ever opening their mouths.  I knew what she would share would be important to my journey.  You can imagine that as I heard her verbalize my very issue that I had been wrestling with that she got my attention!  I had gone to the meeting expecting and I wasn’t disappointed.

After the meeting was over, I approached her.  I asked her what caused her shift.  I could relate to the issue/inner conflict within her but wanted to know how she resolved it to move forward.  She said she had gone to hear Zig Ziglar.  He said something like this… if we are going to live in mansions in heaven, I don’t believe God wants us to live in chicken shacks here.    WOW!

So more questions arose.  Do I believe God just wants me to skim by month after month?  Is that somehow holier?  Is poverty more spiritual than prosperity?   These are the questions I asked.  If I really believe in the goodness of God was my beliefs on money lining up with that. I don’t see God as a divine vending machine (and I don’t want to be just a ATM for my kids).  I do see his desire to bless and prosper.  I do see him as a good loving father.  What father doesn’t want to see his children succeed and prosper?  To see his children happy and healthy?

I realized that I have no issue praying for physical healing for people.  I know it is God’s will for us to walk in health.  If sickness was good, there would be sickness in heaven… and there isn’t.  Sickness and disease is evil.  God can’t partner with evil.  So I confidently pray on earth as it is in heaven.  What if I take this same belief and apply it to finances?  Does it work the same way?  I know are unlimited resources in heaven.  I don’t have the answers yet, but I am confident that will come.  Right now, I am allowing myself to be challenged.  I am listening to a great audio book called Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.  As a result, I am allowing my beliefs to be stretched and changed.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by barbaralmasterkey on November 2, 2013 at 12:41 pm

    Very well said, Beth! I love reading your blogs!


  2. Your comments dovetail so well with Emerson’s compensation essay. Thanks for the great insight and honesty!


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