What we say matters

Yesterday I was driving home from an encouraging meeting with a group called spiritual entrepreneurs.  The guest speaker spoke about making declarations, where we speak forth truth.  And Thursday I was with another friend who has been drawn to learning more about declarations.  So of course, I am paying attention.   Anytime something like this is repeated I feel like God is trying to get my attention

So as I drove home, I was thinking.  I was thinking about what I had said the previous day. I had told a friend that I was just keeping my head above water.  It had been a hard week. Things had begun to turn around but that statement “I am just keeping my head above water” ran thru my mind.  I clearly decided that was not God’s best for me.  And I needed a new declaration.  Then this thought came to me.  I decided to change what I was saying to this.  I am walking on water.  No longer is there concern of being overtaken by the water.  No longer concern of getting tired from treading water to keep my head above water.  Instead I am supernaturally walking above my circumstances.  My circumstances are under my feet.  There is no threat of being overcome.  Instead I am the overcomer.  Because I don’t have to tread water, I can move forward freely.  I can move forward unobstructed and without resistance.


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  1. Great insights Beth…love this so much! Love you so much!


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